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January 19th, 2009 | Author:

The “EZ Diet” is a dietary modification plan that has been gaining momentum over the last few years. Many people are completely unaware that dietary modification can lead to weight loss and improved fertility. Weight loss has many other benefits including prevention of cardiac diseases, reducing the risk of diabetes, and improving a person’s mood and energy levels. Dr. Zeringue has been working with infertility patients struggling to lose weight for many years. After gaining a detailed understanding of how the body regulates weight and other diseases, the diet modification plan has evolved into its current form. Nicknamed the “EZ diet”, many people have very successfully lost weight and maintained this weight loss.

There is no magical formula for weight loss, but there is real science. By gaining a better understanding of what foods do to a person’s body, Dr. Zeringue has found that most people are more committed to sticking to the diet. Doctors already know that most any diet plan will work if people stick to the diet. Most people want to lose weight or eat better, but finding reliable information can be difficult. Dr. Zeringue has performed community service lectures to help educate the public about a healthy diet plan and long term compliance. These seminars are free to the public and there are no products to purchase and no sales gimmicks.

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