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In December 2004, California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. opened it’s doors for business. After months of preparation and quality control, the clinic was ready to meet the challenges of providing advanced fertility services. The new center features state of the art technology including the most advanced embryology equipment and modern air filtration system. With the assistance of engineers, the embryology lab was able to exceed “Clean Room 1000” specifications. This high level of air purification helps provide a less hostile environment and minimizes contamination from air pollutants. Combined with advanced incubators, heated work surfaces, and rigid protocols, California IVF is pleased to offer one of the most advanced embryology laboratories in the area.

You may reach us by any of the following convienient methods.

  • Telephone……….530-771-0177
  • Facsimile…………530-771-0135
  • Email………………

You should also feel welcome to stop by and request information. For your convenience we offer free information sessions that will serve as an introduction to our clinic and services. These free sessions are very useful for helping you understand the journey that lies ahead of you.

We are located on the south side of Davis, California next to Kaiser Davis. Davis is near Sacramento and is convenient to Woodland, Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun, Napa, Vallejo, and Lodi. We also extend our welcome to patients from out of state as well as our neighbors in Redding and Fresno.